Gmail Checker 2.6.4

Friday, 18 July 2014

Thanks everyone for being patient while I was fixing the problem with Gmail Checker. Hopefully, after I removed the extension from for a while, those ungrateful trolls have migrated elsewhere.

Anyway, You can download new version here.

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GmailChecker problem

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Thanks everyone for your reports on the problem with GmailChecker. I'm looking into it at the moment. Will update once I've confirmed the cause.

Update 25/5/2014:

Okay, first, for anyone who sent me the bug reports, thank you. I do look through them.

Second, for anyone who 'demands' a fix, have a look at yourself and learn to behave in public. I do not owe you anything. The extension is a personal project that I do in my spare time which I really lack now. If it suits your needs, great. If not, sorry then. The more you demand me to do anything, the less likely I do it.

I've been extremely busy with my daily work. I guess you've been as well. So a little consideration wouldn't hurt, would it?

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GmailChecker 2-step verification

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Due to some changes on Gmail's side, GmailChecker does not work with 2-step verification anymore. I'm looking into it and will release an update soon.

Update 31/10:

I've just fixed the login problem. Please try this version and report if it works for you. It'd be helpful if you can check for both standard and Google for domains accounts.

I haven't fixed the 2-step verification problem yet though. Will take a bit more time.

More update:

I think I've fixed the login and 2-step verification problem. Please try this version and report if it works.

I've uploaded version 2.6.3, which fixes the login issues, to

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