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Gmail Checker v1.1

Gmail Checker v1.1

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Posted at 05:30 a.m. in Firefox


  1. Hi. Thank you so much for the Gmail Checker. One problem though. After seeing it work for a while, v.1.1.91 (1.0.91 if I go to the About tab instead of Firefox->Tools->Addons), the notifier no longer sends me to the Gmail site when I click on "Check mail" or the envelope. I've Firefox 2. Thanks.
    by Tsee on Wednesday, 16 May 2007, 08:07 p.m. #
  2. That's strange. Try removing the extension and then install it again to see if that solves the problem.
    by NT on Wednesday, 16 May 2007, 11:05 p.m. #
  3. I installed the new beta, but found out it shows all unread email instead of only the unread email in my inbox. I have some filters that automaticly removes some mail from my inbox (news letters and profile updates). When I started the new checker I saw over 100 new email when I expected only 2. The old version only showed unread mail in the inbox. Is there a way to make this configurable?
    by Gijs on Friday, 25 May 2007, 08:36 a.m. #
  4. Have you selected "Ignore messages in labels" in Help/Settings?
    by NT on Friday, 25 May 2007, 01:55 p.m. #
  5. hi, i am not able to see gmail check after downloading to firefox add-on, please let me know how to proceed.
    by satyam on Tuesday, 12 June 2007, 07:24 a.m. #
  6. It's located on the browser's status bar.
    Also, you should check the installation info in "Tools / Add-ons" to make sure that it has been installed correctly.
    by NT on Tuesday, 12 June 2007, 03:34 p.m. #
  7. Is it possible to use this extension to check email on a Google Apps account?
    by LowBassMan on Monday, 25 June 2007, 11:07 p.m. #
  8. That's not possible at the moment, but I've planned for the future release.
    by NT on Tuesday, 26 June 2007, 03:46 p.m. #
  9. My checker doesn't count unread mails more than 20.
    I'd love to be able to set the sound notification, please keep on trying to fix it.
    The other thing about the notification is, that I would like to get the sound just for the newly arriving mails. (As almost all Gmail notifier does it. Not taking my attention in every 3 minutes - (or what I set tob be checked for mail) - when theres are jut the ones as 3 minutes ago...
    Sometimes I switch back again to Gmail Manager
    for the sound notification, and some other options but I always realise that I'm addicted to the delete button , the right click menu, and the option to check only the inbox ! :)
    I wish they would be merged into one ...
    by katalin on Wednesday, 27 June 2007, 11:15 a.m. #
  10. The 20 message limitation is due to Gmail's feeds. There isn't any way to work around this.
    I would say that the sound playing every 3 minutes is a feature as it reminds you that there are unread messages :)
    by NT on Wednesday, 27 June 2007, 04:05 p.m. #
  11. Yes, I know that. I wanted to use the sound notification however it could just beep.I would be glad if I'd got a sound notification when I got new mail. (Not when it checks unread ones). But it beeped after every checking - as it found unread mails. But even if I didn't get newer ones.

    I mean forexample in the mentioned Gmail Manager , once you have opened the browser, your account -if it's set to - automatically logs in, notifies with the wav you've set and shows the unread snippets if it's set.

    After that no matter how often it is set to check, it notifies and plays the sound only when you get new ones.
    And the message count seems to me unlimited.
    I don't know how did they do it...

    But in that I can't disable to show on mouse over the labels in which there are unread mails.And because of that there not remains enough place (just) for (3) unread email snipplets below them.

    And there's no way to that really useful quick organising as there is in your ext. :) So now I'm using both ...
    by katalin on Wednesday, 27 June 2007, 08:35 p.m. #
  12. Okay, unread messages are, to me, new messages so it makes sense that the extension notifies you about this. I don't know why you left messages unread, since that's what the extension is meant really, to check for unread messages.
    The extension can only beep because you haven't set an audio file. If you're using Linux like me, there's also a problem with the sound playing module of Firefox that I couldn't solve (see my post).
    by NT on Wednesday, 27 June 2007, 11:18 p.m. #
  13. I've already tried to set audio files many times in your checker's settings.I browsed the audio file and enabled it, but it didn't work, just the beep.I'm on xp. Maybe I'm doing something wrong.
    Why do I leave messages unread?
    1. ) I'm on mailinglist for my studies and I'm not reading every email I get just the ones that are actual for me, I sort the other ones later into the labels. I get informations on the list about exams, test also of subjects I'm not studying in the actual semester .
    2.) In the list sometimes people help eachother with sending the information they have to eachother. As far as I know you can't forward different conversations in gmail at once to somebody, and you can't arrange emails with different subjects into a conversation.
    But I didn't wanted forwarding 20 or more emails in singles for anybody I wanted to help.

    I've found that I can set Thunderbird to load only the unread mails from the Inbox of my Gmail account, and from there I can forward the contains of multiple emails with even different subject. So I use this way and only for this cases thunderbird .

    Till Gmail doesn't provide the (arranging ) or at least forwaring multiple emails with different subject I will use both.

    As if some notifier doesn't come up with all the functions I like and find indispensible, I'll use both.

    I can see that if I'm so complicated that's my own problem. I just wanted to request features if you are considering to work on this very promising extension for my needs. ( For others it can just perfect even now ).

    I know that it's not your duty to improve or work on it anymore. But think of that when somebody ask you to do so, or whether you could so... That he/she does that because , he/she likes your work and wouldn't like to change to another.And just hopes that you find the request interesting or useful, and that you are able to do it, and care for.
    Thanks for your work anyway! :)
    by katalin on Thursday, 28 June 2007, 09:31 a.m. #
  14. Point taken. I'll add an option to notify only newly arrived messages instead of unread messages in the next release.

    Yeah, the sound playing module is weird sometimes. Does any other extension you're using play sound just fine? If so, I would be glad to know which so that I could see how it was written.
    by NT on Thursday, 28 June 2007, 07:46 p.m. #
  15. I don't remember, at this moment these notifiers the only ones which use sounds. Now I just installed https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/634 to try it. It works, but not on every click. Looks as if some sub link wouldn't make a sound. I've just tried to click every link saw. :)
    Now I tried Gmail Notifier too for the sound trying. Sound works on that too.
    by katalin on Friday, 29 June 2007, 08:08 a.m. #
  16. Hey, i have a problem.. well... maybe not... i'm student, i have a project in a class.. i have to do a firefox's extention..like your gmail checker, but.. i never have use javascript to do things like this, can you help me? i think my most important problem is conectivity to servers i have no idea about how to conect.. well.. i hope you (or somebody else) can understand my stinky english and help me whit my project
    by Richy on Wednesday, 11 July 2007, 06:29 a.m. #
  17. There's a guide to create a simple extension (http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/Building_an_Extension)

    This Gmail Checker is also a good non-trivial example, yet not too complicated, to create an extension. You just need to rename the ".xpi" file to ".zip", and then unzip it to see the package's content.
    by NT on Thursday, 12 July 2007, 01:30 a.m. #
  18. "... on my Slackware box."

    *both thumbs up ;)
    by AbsintheSyringe on Thursday, 19 July 2007, 11:00 p.m. #
  19. All too often the checker becomes "..." Clicking on it doesn't change anything. I have to re-log in, and sometimes even that doesn't fix the problem. I'm using 1.1.2 on Fx, on Win XP Pro and Win XP MCE. This is pretty annoying so I hope you can find out what the problem is. Thanks
    by TL on Tuesday, 11 September 2007, 08:58 p.m. #
  20. The network was probably slow. If you're not using Wi-Fi at home, try disabling SSL to speed it up.
    by NT on Wednesday, 12 September 2007, 09:36 a.m. #
  21. NT, I assume you replied to my report. I have two followup questions then. 1) Does disabling SSL make it less secure? 2) Sometimes clicking on it once would fix the problem, and almost always I can just go to gmail.com with no problem, so I don't understand why the checker would fail. I don't know if it's a coincidence but I've noticed usually there's a spam sitting in the inbox when I go there manually.
    by TL on Tuesday, 18 September 2007, 05:01 p.m. #
  22. OK, I turned off SSL but it's still giving the ...
    by TL on Tuesday, 18 September 2007, 10:48 p.m. #
  23. I've no idea, really. The extension works fine for me so I couldn't recreate the problem that you had.
    by NT on Wednesday, 19 September 2007, 05:21 p.m. #
  24. I'm pretty sure it's the emails. It happened again so I went to gmail.com, and found 1 unread email, a spam, in the inbox. I emailed myself from another account, but the indicator stayed as "...". I then moved the spam to Trash, and the indicator soon turned into "1" as it should be. I then moved the spam back from Trash to Inbox, and the indicator went back to "..."

    I'd like to forward you the spam (no attachments).
    by TL on Wednesday, 19 September 2007, 08:26 p.m. #
  25. Nah, no need to do so :)
    But I would suggest you to mark that mail as spam instead of deleting it so that Google could improve their spam filter.
    by NT on Thursday, 20 September 2007, 09:24 a.m. #
  26. I'm doing that but it'd be nice if the checker doesn't get tripped up by unusual formatting in emails. I consider it a bug if the checker stops displaying new emails/counter because of certain emails.
    by TL on Friday, 21 September 2007, 04:40 p.m. #
  27. hi, i've been using this great addon since 1.0.x. But ever since the 1.1.x update, i haven't been able to use it ever since (running mac osx 10.4.10; firefox with all other extensions disabled for testing). the extension connects and authenticates, but i just can't right click it (nothing happens)... opt/ctrl + click doesn't do it either...
    by scchu on Wednesday, 10 October 2007, 07:05 a.m. #
  28. Have you tried the latest update 1.1.3, which fixes a login problem due to recent changes in the login page of Gmail.
    I'm not sure what you meant when you said nothing happened when you right click on the icon. Was the extension menu shown up at all? And did the login dialogue say "Login successful"?
    by NT on Wednesday, 10 October 2007, 08:21 p.m. #
  29. Thanks for your quick post...

    Tried 1.1.3 (all the way since 1.1) and the same thing happened: right clicking on the Gmail Checker icon at the bottom right hand corner of the browser (on status bar) doesn't do anything at all... no menu... nothing (as it would if I tried it on Windows ver. of Firefox).

    Now, if I just click on it (left clicking on a 2 button mouse), the icon refreshes to show that it's checking for new mail. I've tried to disable/uninstall ALL other addons and only kept Gmail Checker - the same problem. If I do it even more drastically and just delete the entire Firefox profile to force Firefox to build a brand new one, still the same problem.

    The icon checks emails and refreshes the correct number, which shows me that it's authenticating properly. I just have no idea why it's not showing me the menu list when it's supposed to when right clicking...
    by scchu on Friday, 12 October 2007, 02:46 a.m. #
  30. Firefox on Mac probably got "event.button" messed up somehow. I modified the extension so that clicking on the icon would display the menu regardless of left or right click.
    You can get the modified version here.
    by NT on Friday, 12 October 2007, 10:55 a.m. #
  31. wow... thanks! older versions used to take right click as displaying a menu for unread mails and taking left click as checking mails... not sure if that was intended... but now it works with just left clicking and the menu shows up as expected! thanks!

    i just can't believe i am the first/only person reporting this issue to you from the mac side? really?

    thanks for your speedy response! cheers...
    by scchu on Saturday, 13 October 2007, 07:02 a.m. #
  32. Wow! I use this extension more than I visit my e-mail inbox!! I mean just right click, delete, report as spam, or see the individual message, it's faster than anything out there when it comes to dealing with messages. The only slightly annoying thing is it doesn't reload very fast, not much to complain about though. Keep it up!!
    by Destroyer77 on Thursday, 20 December 2007, 11:59 p.m. #
  33. Hi!
    Have a problem!
    The checker works sometimes not! New mail won't detected. Neither automatic nor per click! I've just sent me a mail. 10 min no reaction. Click check-no mail. Go in google inbox-mail is there.
    What's wrong :( ?
    by Alex on Tuesday, 8 January 2008, 09:49 p.m. #
  34. Alex,
    First, try clearing your cookies and cache.
    If that doesn't work, try disabling other extensions, and then enable one of them at a time to see which conflicts with Gmail Checker.
    by NT on Thursday, 10 January 2008, 01:11 p.m. #
  35. Hi
    This fine addon!
    I think need add new option:
    open gmail page in:
    - current tab
    - new tab
    - new background tab
    - new window
    by onk on Wednesday, 5 March 2008, 10:17 a.m. #
  36. Will be available in the next release.
    by NT on Wednesday, 5 March 2008, 10:25 p.m. #
  37. Hi,

    though v1.1.4 is meant to work with FF 3.0, the plugin seems not work with it. Log in is successful, the green arrow appears, then the 3 dots (...), but it's then not displaying the number of unread emails but stays with the three dots.

    What to do?
    by fhess on Thursday, 19 June 2008, 09:09 a.m. #
  38. I've checked the "Enable sound notification" and chosen an appropriate file but it does not play a sound upon detecting new mail. (It never plays a sound in fact.) That kinda sucks. Is there a workaround?

    Many thanks
    by Michael on Thursday, 19 June 2008, 10:11 a.m. #
  39. fhess, it could be due to lots of reasons: slow connection, slow gmail feed loading, corrupt session cookie, etc. Try selecting "log out" and log back in again.

    Michael, it could be because the browser's sound interface has been changed quite a lot since version 2. I used a code example for version 1.5 to make the sound notification. I don't really need this feature so it's quite low priority. Will check it when I've got some free time.
    by NT on Thursday, 19 June 2008, 02:07 p.m. #
  40. Hi NT, I tried that already:

    - delete cookies
    - log out, log in
    - disabling SSL

    It all didn't work. My connection is T1.
    by fhess on Thursday, 19 June 2008, 02:27 p.m. #
  41. Just recently downloaded Gmail checker 1.3. Notification isn't working. I can check mail manually OK, but I have it set to check every 15 min. It doesn't. Maybe its the operator.
    by Gene Thomas on Thursday, 10 July 2008, 05:43 p.m. #
  42. thanks
    by Sam on Tuesday, 22 December 2009, 09:02 a.m. #
  43. Nice Add-On, i use it on Windows and Mac OSX 10.6.4.
    But on Mac the right click on the list of emails does't work. I mean the message list, which appears, when holding the mouse over an account. In the help: "Right click on a message to show a list of available options..." No options are shown on right click.
    Is it a known bug?
    by franc on Tuesday, 7 September 2010, 07:59 a.m. #
  44. Sorry, i posted this in the wrong blog, i didn't know that there is a 2.2 beta blog, coming here directly by blog-search, so i posted it again in the right spot at:
    by franc on Tuesday, 7 September 2010, 08:15 a.m. #