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Firefox's Gmail Checker version 1.2

Firefox's Gmail Checker version 1.2

Monday, 23 June 2008

Posted at 12:41 p.m. in Firefox


  1. The sound works now, but it goes off more frequently than it should. It seems at least that it goes off every time it checks the inbox and there's new mail, even if it's the *same* new mail it detected last time it checked. Like other gmail checkers, it would be nice if it went off only when there is for-the-first-time-detected new mail.

    Good work nonetheless.
    by Michael on Thursday, 26 June 2008, 03:11 p.m. #
  2. Really nice extension. Small, quick and shows subjects of emails, plus it's possible to delete/spam etc.
    I would be my choice, but... I need to check 2 gmail accounts. And it's not possible. I think a lot of peoples can say the same.
    May be it's possible to clear cookie and login for each gmail account. Just as idea for you.
    by Max on Saturday, 28 June 2008, 06:14 p.m. #
  3. Thanks for this great extension!
    Just two remarks:
    1. It'd be nice if there was a way to mark messages read/ remove them from the list - without deleting them/ reading them
    2. At least in Germany gmail is a trademark not held by Google. Therefore they are not allowed to provide services called gmail not even using URLs with gmail in it... To use the extension I had to change "GMAIL_FEED = "mail.google.com/gmail/feed/atom/";" to "const GMAIL_FEED = "mail.google.com/mail/feed/atom/";". Maybe this could be an separate option or if "mail" instead of "gmail" work in all countries it could be changed statically.

    Thanks again for this great Extension!
    by Toby on Tuesday, 1 July 2008, 02:01 p.m. #
  4. Toby, what's the rationale for your 1st point? If you want to keep emails unread as a way to mark them, then I believe tagging those emails starred is a much better idea.

    /gmail/feed/atom/ should be redirected seamlessly to /mail/feed/atom/. I've tried it (works in the UK). Not sure why you had to change the URL?
    by NT on Tuesday, 1 July 2008, 07:41 p.m. #
  5. The rational for the 1st point is that I don't need to read more than the Subject and the small preview. Those mails could be marked read directly without opening them.

    2. I don't know exactly why but I know that ;-)
    by Toby on Wednesday, 2 July 2008, 09:31 a.m. #
  6. Thanks so much, I've been using gmail checker for a year and it's great. My friends all use it, too. I do miss the automatic refresh when you click the envelope. Now it opens the menu, right? Is it my mouse?
    by clio on Wednesday, 2 July 2008, 08:13 p.m. #
  7. Clio, both left and right-clicks will open up the menu as of v1.2 because Firefox doesn't recognise right-click in some Mac OS versions.
    by NT on Wednesday, 2 July 2008, 09:13 p.m. #
  8. I'm running Fx (the version numbers are ridiculous) on Windows XP Home w/ SP3, and I also have the problem where left click does the same thing as right click.
    by ArthurDental on Wednesday, 2 July 2008, 11:50 p.m. #
  9. Arthur, read the above comment. Because Firefox doesn't like right-click on Mac OS, I had to make left-click behave like right-click; otherwise, Mac users won't be able to open up the menu. Know what I mean?
    by NT on Thursday, 3 July 2008, 12:21 a.m. #
  10. Does click behavior have to be identical on all OSes? If Fx or Apple fixes the problem then I assume you'd go back to refresh on left click, right? What if we just keep that feature on Windows?
    by ArthurDental on Friday, 4 July 2008, 01:27 p.m. #
  11. I have been using this add-on for a long time (years?) and am grateful for it!!! Thank you!

    However, I would like to second the separate Mac/PC versions - I really miss the left click refresh option.
    by dinophysis on Friday, 4 July 2008, 03:57 p.m. #
  12. Didn't know people like using the left-click shortcut that much :) Just set the refresh interval shorter, say, 5 or 2 minutes and you won't need to manually refresh it.

    In the next version which supports Google Apps, there'll be an option to enable/disable this shortcut.
    by NT on Friday, 4 July 2008, 08:30 p.m. #