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Gmail Checker for Multiple Accounts

Gmail Checker for Multiple Accounts

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Posted at 08:53 p.m. in Firefox, Testing


  1. Hello!

    (I didn't know where else to post this, so...)

    Love the News System, btw. Very simple and easy to modify. :) I also installed the captcha plug-in, and whenever I post a comment, this error pops up:

    PHP Warning: session_regenerate_id() [<a href='function.session-regenerate-id'>function.session-regenerate-id</a>]: Cannot regenerate session id - headers already sent in /home2/ddstuff/public_html/shakti/blog/plugins/captcha/captcha.php on line 43

    I have very little knowledge of PHP, so I have no idea how to solve this error (let alone what it means!). D:

    Any help would be appreciated!
    by Shakti on Thursday, 26 February 2009, 09:11 p.m. #
  2. Just delete line 43 in captcha.php "session_regenerate_id();"

    That should fix the problem. It's just an added security feature for the captcha but I doubt many spam bots out there are smart enough to get pass the first try. So it's safe to remove that line.
    by NT on Thursday, 26 February 2009, 10:03 p.m. #
  3. Hi there!

    I just wanted to know if you're going to continue development of your news script? I wanted to use it for a website of mine but the last time it was updated was in 2007.

    Would be amazing if you could update it more regularly )=
    by Melissa on Friday, 6 March 2009, 07:19 p.m. #
  4. I'd been working on a new version of the news script a while back but never completed for whatever reason I can't even remember :-/
    I'm thinking of starting to work on it again, though.

    But there's nothing wrong with using the current version if you're happy with it. The reason for a lack of update is because there's hardly any bug that needs fixing.
    by NT on Saturday, 7 March 2009, 02:23 p.m. #
  5. Thanks for the quick response!

    I'll use it on my site then. But I would like to see it updated more regularly, for security risks and such. Will be using it on a PHP 5.2.5 enabled server.
    by Melissa on Saturday, 7 March 2009, 08:48 p.m. #
  6. There's no security problem as far as I'm aware of. That's why there have been no fixes. As a matter of fact, I've been using it on this site :)

    I'm not a fan of frequent updates. It just means that the thing wasn't tested carefully before being released. Once it's stable, there's no reason to muddle with it :)
    by NT on Saturday, 7 March 2009, 10:17 p.m. #
  7. I hate to be such a nagging user, but I have two questions:
    1) Is there a way to add an email field to the comment form?
    2) How do you get a captcha working like how you have it on your own site?
    by Melissa on Saturday, 7 March 2009, 11:23 p.m. #
  8. 1. Change <a href="{WEBSITE}"> to <a href="mailto:{WEBSITE}"> in "display/basic/comments.tpl"
    You can either have website link or email, but not both.

    2. Get the captcha file from /tmp/captcha.zip, and follow the instruction included.
    by NT on Sunday, 8 March 2009, 02:32 p.m. #
  9. I am looking specifically for an add-on that specifically does the "check mail now" feature in the accounts tab. I am not sure that this add-on accomplishes that. Please clarify.

    If not then that is one option I would highly recommend for this add-on. Gmail defaults to checking for new mail from other accounts every hour or so and this is unacceptable for business uses. On the gmail forums there are a lot of posts requesting an option to be able to set the time interval for checking. I assume that this could be accomplished by an add-on. If this add-on could accomplish that then it could possibly have a lot of additional users.

    Thank you for your time.
    by Sean on Monday, 16 March 2009, 07:22 p.m. #
  10. Such options have been available since version 1.0
    by NT on Tuesday, 17 March 2009, 07:00 p.m. #
  11. I see the option for the add-on to check mail at time intervals, but I don't think it goes and checks other "business accounts" mail through gmail, just gmails. Maybe I didn't explain myself well enough or I don't know how to turn that option on. Here is a post on the help forums for gmail with people asking for this option.


    If this is an option in your add-on please let me know how to turn it on.

    by Sean on Tuesday, 17 March 2009, 07:30 p.m. #
  12. Okay, I've had a look at Gmail's mail fetcher. It's not possible to force it to check mail in those accounts by an extension because they're populated on screen by JavaScript. The code is such a mess that I couldn't decipher. I've also checked HTTP requests sent when a "check now" action is called but the query string in the URL is encrypted as well. It may look like a fun thing to do on a rainy day, but I've got to say that feature won't be available in version 2.0.
    by NT on Wednesday, 18 March 2009, 12:12 a.m. #
  13. Many thanks for checking it into it. I know there are a lot of people looking for it if you do get around to it. Cheers. Sean.
    by Sean on Wednesday, 18 March 2009, 05:19 a.m. #
  14. How do I get the Days in the Calendar to align to the Left and Top instead of aligning in the Center?
    by Dave on Sunday, 19 April 2009, 05:49 p.m. #
  15. When I use it I get the error message:

    "mail.google.com:443 uses an invalid security certificate.
    The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is not trusted.
    (Error code: sec_error_untrusted_issuer)"

    Do you know how to get around this problem?
    by Rick Edelson on Wednesday, 22 April 2009, 03:19 p.m. #
  16. Looks like it's a problem with your Firefox's installation [1]
    by NT on Wednesday, 22 April 2009, 03:45 p.m. #
  17. Hi NT - It's been some time since I've contacted you - I hope all is well.

    I found your CAPTCHA plug-in and installed it. The function works but I get this error: 'Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/billsvie/public_html/blog.php:1) in /home/billsvie/public_html/blog.php on line 1' when I include '<?php session_start(); ?>' on the page where I 've put:'<?php include('blog/news/news.php'); ?>'.

    When I remove the '<?php session_start(); ?>' function then the captcha tells me I've miss-spelled the word when I have not. Can you tell me how to fix this?

    As always I appreciate your help and admire your programming skills.
    by Bill Cherry on Thursday, 21 May 2009, 05:42 p.m. #
  18. Amazing. The problem was that '<?php session_start(); ?> function was not to the far left of the page - I left a space. When I moved it to the far left top of the page without a space it worked.

    Perhaps my comments will help others. Thank you again for generously sharing you programming skills with 'world'.

    by Bill Cherry on Thursday, 21 May 2009, 05:54 p.m. #
  19. Hi,
    gmailchecker is really great and it helps me a lot, however there is a serious bug in version 2.0.
    If the standard view in gmail is set to no javascript, clicking on a new message in gmailchecker takes you to main gmail view instead to the message.

    Cheers Arthur
    by Arthur on Monday, 8 June 2009, 11:44 a.m. #
  20. I wouldn't call that a 'serious' bug. The link to a message is obtained from Gmail's atom feed which for some reasons their non-javascript version doesn't understand. This should be submitted to Gmail's bug tracker ...if there really is one.
    Nonetheless, version 2.1 will be able to open the message with a URL that non-javascript Gmail can understand.
    by NT on Tuesday, 9 June 2009, 12:23 a.m. #
  21. Greetings,

    Thanks for all of your hard work. Your site looks great and projects look great as well. As a newbie, I'm surprised that my web design mentors haven't already pointed me to Winged-Info. Well, I came across your site while searching and surfing for php scripts. I smiled at the plane and bright, blue sky. I like that the news script has comments, some security in verification, remember me option, image inclusion, multiple categories, and that dates can be edited. I wonder if you are also gonna add Read More/Summary and

    Anyway, I'm attempting to test your news system and I'm having a problem installing it. I "know" it's me and my understanding, my comprehension of the text.

    I loaded up the folder into my MAMP localhost setup. I CHMODed all of the listed subdirectories and the text files.

    Then I got confused with the .htaccess file. I have done them before, but I noticed that you have 3, "s" in the name, ".htaccesss" I used just 2 and not the third, thinking it was an error. Was I wrong?

    Well, anyway, after I failed there, I decided to skip step 3 and go directly to 4. That went fine. The News Control Panel appeared perfectly.

    I then went to usage and did the include on a test page called winged.html. Just to be safe, I also saved it as winged.php.

    Here it is.....

    <h2>Winged-Info News/in Http/+news Folder</h2>
    <?php include('http://localhost:8888/nutester1a/+news/winged-news/news.php');
    // To display the latest posts:

    <h2>Winged-Info News/in Users/+news Folder</h2>
    <?php include('/Users/Me/offline-web design work/nutester1a/+news/winged-news/news.php');
    // To display the latest posts:


    When I load winged.php into the browser, I get nothing. A blank browser.
    When I load up winged.html, I get the template of the template and the titles,

    Winged-Info News/in Http/+news Folder
    Winged-Info News/in Users/+news Folder

    I'm missing something. I tested a few other news scripts yesterday and I was able to install them all on a single page for evaluation. I was considering following directions from another script, but thought I should ask you what I'm missing and doing wrong.

    Many thanks.

    by Homer on Tuesday, 30 June 2009, 03:49 a.m. #
  22. .htaccess with 3 s's was a typo. It's been fixed. Thanks.

    The page's suffix must be .php, not .html.
    The PHP code below "Winged-Info News/in Users/+news Folder" seems correct. But your file path has some special characters (whitepace and plus sign) which might cause the problem. Try putting <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); ?> at the beginning of the page to show any problems.
    by NT on Tuesday, 30 June 2009, 01:42 p.m. #
  23. Re Calendar
    I can get just this month's and the next two months calendars using multiple setting with (0,2), but I'd like them horizontal across the page, not in a line down. Do I need to edit your php tables, or am I missing something? Can I call a single calendar in my own table cell, then call another single calendar in my next cell across, but showing ONLY "next" month's events, and so on?
    Also when adding entry using multiple display, when alert comes up asking to update calendar, only one re-appears, not multiples again.
    by ZZDave on Saturday, 4 July 2009, 01:01 a.m. #
  24. You can use CSS styling to display the months in the same row. Check the float attribute particularly.

    To fix the calendar's reload problem, in config.php around line 96-97, replace




    by NT on Friday, 10 July 2009, 03:23 p.m. #
  25. Thank you! Greetings from Ukraine!

    (I like Multiple-Account Gmail Checker)
    by deadfrog on Friday, 17 July 2009, 07:21 p.m. #
  26. Thanks.
    It works great.
    Such a nice looking calendar too.


    by Homer on Saturday, 18 July 2009, 03:30 p.m. #
  27. Oops.
    Another question:
    Is there a "Read More" feature in the news script?


    by Homer on Saturday, 18 July 2009, 03:36 p.m. #
  28. Dear NT,

    I posted a comment and you replied on 22 April, saying it looked like a problem with my Firefox installation. Could you please give me more details? Thanks.

    Regards, Rick Edelson
    by Rick Edelson on Saturday, 18 July 2009, 03:40 p.m. #
  29. Sorry.
    I think I found my answer.
    by homershines on Monday, 20 July 2009, 01:15 a.m. #
  30. Rick, you can find more information in the search result I provided. This isn't the extension's problem but at your end, either your Firefox installation or machine, so I can't really help.
    by NT on Tuesday, 21 July 2009, 11:18 a.m. #
  31. Your Calendar with Abyss Webserver 2.x and PHP 5.2.9.

    I seem to have trouble using your Calender with the Abyss Webserver. When I click on a date to add an Event, it tells me "Access is Denied. Error on line 307 (calendar.php I belive)

    Any thoughts?
    by DR on Thursday, 23 July 2009, 04:58 p.m. #
  32. sorry, I didnt finish the story, Your Calendar works fine on XAMPP or with Apache and the same PHP 5.2.9
    by DR on Thursday, 23 July 2009, 08:04 p.m. #
  33. DR, is the document root set correctly? You can check this by loading index.php on a browser.
    If it is and the script failed to write to the event file, you should have got either 'error1' or 'error2' message. Have you got any of these?
    If the document root is wrong, check this FAQ for a solution.

    BTW, are you the same Todd who sent me an email on 22/7? 'cause his question is quite similar to yours.
    by NT on Friday, 24 July 2009, 06:28 p.m. #
  34. ...Your Calendar is cool and easy to maintain,everything works good but I can't seem to make it appear on either an .html or .php page...The Doc root is good..as well as the full path...or so it seems...I'll keep looking though...any suggestions would be grateful...
    by Rodney on Saturday, 8 August 2009, 01:55 a.m. #
  35. .......I got it to work....I guess you can only have it show in a .php...?
    by Rodney on Saturday, 8 August 2009, 02:17 a.m. #
  36. Greetings.

    I have two questions:

    Can the news script be edited by a newbie, enduser to serve as a comments script?

    Also, I saw the following post and wanted to ask for some newbie friendly details. The summary/read more feature would make your news script untouchable.

    I'm wondering in the news program of yours whether or not it is possible to show only a summary instead of the full post ?

    "Any chance of integrating html or niceEdit ?
    by Ken on Wed, 6 May 2009, 10:24 pm #

    To have a summary, use the [more] tag like this:
    your summary...
    your full article...
    For HTML, put your code inside a [raw] tag like this:
    <b>bold text</b>
    by NT on Thu, 7 May 2009, 06:28 pm #"

    Peace & thanx.

    by homershines on Monday, 7 September 2009, 02:30 a.m. #
  37. I can't see what else to explain to be honest. You should try creating a new post by copying this text

    your summary...
    your full article...
    <b>bold text</b>

    into the message section and see the result.
    There's also the examples directory in the zip file for a reason.
    by NT on Tuesday, 8 September 2009, 02:34 p.m. #
  38. Thanks. I'm sorry for being a bother. Takes me two or three tries sometimes. But I got it now with your help. Many thanks.

    Just another nosy question: Have you considered developing a CMS? Your Gallery, News, Calendar are awesome. Just a question

    Many thanks for your hard work.

    by homershines on Wednesday, 9 September 2009, 03:11 a.m. #
  39. Well, I have. That's how this site is built. But I don't think I will ever make the code public. Too much trouble with all the releases and versioning.
    by NT on Wednesday, 9 September 2009, 07:16 p.m. #
  40. I see.
    Well the stuff is good and your design touch is beautiful and simple.

    Thanks again.

    by homershines on Tuesday, 15 September 2009, 01:44 a.m. #
  41. Thanks for your help.

    I'm working on something and wondering if I can or create a template that allows for image inclusion on each post as part of the template itself.

    I've been toying with the tpl and CSS files and doing a little tweaking.

    If I can, which tpl file should I edit aggressively, the general file?

    Thanks for the patience with me.

    by homershines on Friday, 18 September 2009, 09:44 p.m. #