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Projects - Calendar



Version 2.2.2 (17 KB) 14 May 07 (Timezone adjustment fix)


In action - Multiple calendars (password: demo)




  1. Extract all files to a directory on your web server.
  2. CHMOD data.txt to 666.
  3. Load http://YOURSITE/PATH/TO/CALENDAR/index.php on a web browser, and check the Document Root setting status.
  4. Edit config.php as following:
    • If there's an error with the document root in step 3, read this FAQ entry to find your document root and change $cal_cfg['document_root'] accordingly.
    • Change $cal_cfg['password'] to your preferred password.
    • If you want to display Sunday at the beginning of a week, change $cal_cfg['sunday_endweek'] to false and change the order of $cal_cfg['days'] accordingly.


$calendar = new WingedCalendar();

// to display a single calendar

// OR to display multiple calendars
$calendar->show_calendar(PREVIOUS, NEXT);

// where PREVIOUS and NEXT are the number of months
// before and after the current month respectively.
// e.g. $calendar->show_calendar(1, 1); displays 3 consecutive months

Link to the style sheet in the <head> section:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
	href="PATH/TO/CALENDAR/style.css" />