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Projects - Image Gallery



Version 1.0.3 (24 KB) - Some bug fixes 10 July 06


Stand-alone - As a module




  1. Extract all files to a directory on your web server.
  2. Load http://yoursite/PATH/TO/GALLERY/index.php on a web browser. If you can see Example Folder and its images as well as to navigate around, everything is DONE.


Place images and directories (categories) in data/. Subdirectories can be created inside the directories.

Image captions are written in a caption.txt file placed in the same directory of the images. The caption.txt file's format is as following

; this is a comment
; captions should be enclosed in quotes

my_photo.jpg = "caption for my_photo.jpg"


include('PATH/TO/gallery.php');  // required
$gallery = new WingedGallery();  // required

// set the document root

// set a template in the 'template/' folder

// set the URL of this page including a trailing question mark (?)

// set the gallery name
$gallery->setGalleryName('My Gallery');

// set the size of the small thumbnail

// set the size of the big thumbnail

// display the gallery
$gallery->display();  // required

Link to the template's style sheet in the <head> section:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
   href="PATH/TO/GALLERY/template/default/style.css" />