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Projects - News System



Version 1.3.4 (45 KB) 18 Jun 07 (changed encryption function from crypt() to md5())

You do NOT need to upgrade to v1.3.4 if v1.3.3 works fine on your server.


In action - Control Panel (demo/demo)



Upgrade from version 1.0, 1.1 and 1.2:

  1. Extract the new version onto your local machine.
  2. In the data directory, delete .htaccess, users.txt, posts/, comments/, categories.txt (if exists) and categories/ (if exists).
  3. Upload everything to your server and overwrite existing files.
  4. Continue from step 2 of the new installation.

New Installation:

  1. Extract all files to a directory on your server.
  2. In 'data/' directory:
    • CHMOD all subdirectories (posts/, comments/ and categories/) to 777.
    • CHMOD all text files (config.txt, logs.txt, users.txt, categories.txt and post_locked.txt) to 666.
    • If you don't need search friendly URLs or don't know what ".htaccess" is, SKIP step 3.
  3. Modify the "htaccess.txt" file included, and then copy it to the directory where the page displaying news entries is placed, and rename it to ".htaccess".
  4. Log into the News Control Panel with the default account "demo/demo".



// To display the latest posts:

// where NUMBER is the maximum number of posts.
// e.g. show_news(10);

// OR to display posts in selected categories only
$categories = array(CAT1, CAT2, ...);
show_news(NUMBER, $categories);

// where CAT1, CAT2, etc. are the category numbers you want to display.
// You can find the numer in News Control Panel / Management / Categories
// e.g. $categories = array(1, 2);

// To display the archive list:

// To display the category list:


Link to the template's style sheet in the <head> section:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"
   href="PATH/TO/NEWS/display/basic/style.css" />